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I am the medical director and doctor of the AHF Healthcare Centers: Oakland and San Francisco. During my Residency in 1994, I began working in HIV medicine. I remember doing my rounds at our hospital and seeing patients' food trays sitting outside of their hospital room. So I decided to ask one of them why he didn't want to eat. This patient told me that he was actually very hungry, but no one was bringing the meals inside of his room. I brought in his dinner tray, and sat down to talk with him. He was a 28 year old gay young man with HIV. He shared with me that he didn't have any close family, and was nearing the end of his treatment for pneumonia (PCP). We swapped funny stories about being gay and talked even more about Madonna and Cher. Most importantly, we discussed the horrible treatment both of us experienced by the healthcare system. The staff, at that time, did not understand how HIV was transmitted. To make matters worse, he informed me that his nurse was afraid to walk into his room because she was pregnant and didn't want to “catch” AIDS.

At that moment I realized that AIDS was the most horrible health crisis I had experienced and I knew then that it was my responsibility to care for my "family." I always felt like I didn't choose to work in HIV, but HIV chose to work with me. This led to my work with other people that were disenfranchised from the health care system and from society in general. Trans people, gay and lesbian people, bisexual people, and people struggling with addictions all seemed to have found a path to me and through them, I found my calling.

Fun Fact: I have completed Culinary School in France. Also, I had the pleasure of training German Shepherds to work towards the Schutz Hund I, II and III certification with the goal for them to have a career with the local police force.

About AHF Healthcare Centers – Oakland and San Francisco

The Oakland and San Francisco offices are filled with great employees that strive to deliver our mission everyday: providing cutting-edge medicine and advocacy regardless of ability to pay. These clinics are an accepting place to patients from all backgrounds where anybody can feel welcome. We strive to meet the needs of our patients so they can live happy and productive lives.

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We accept – Ryan White and many insurance plans, please call to validate yours.

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Nova University College of Osteopathic Medicine, D.O. graduated 1994


University of California Davis Campus




American Academy of HIV Medicine
HIV Specialist


UC Davis - Pain and Palliative Care for Primary Care Providers

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