Your Good Health is Just a Call Away

Routine medical care is vital to your good health, especially for those living with HIV. But with the spread of COVID-19, many people are avoiding in-person doctor visits. Skipping routine healthcare appointments is NOT a good idea and can have negative effects on your overall health. 

That’s why AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is offering virtual telehealth appointments with your primary care provider. Stay up-to-date on your health from the safety of your living room. These services are available at 62 of our AHF Healthcare Centers* nationwide.

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Don’t put your health on hold! Make a virtual appointment today.

1. Go to to find the number of your local AHF Healthcare Center.

2. If you’re a new patient your first two visits will be in-person, after that you can schedule virtual appointments. 

3. Once you make your appointment, you’ll be sent a link (via text and email) to your telehealth visits.

Make An Appointment Today!
*We currently do not offer telehealth services in the following areas: Seattle, WA, Puerto Rico, Piedmont, GA, Safety, Harbor, FL , Kinder, FL , Homestead, FL

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